Good Lovecraftian News

Guillermo del Toro to direct At the Mountains of Madness

We'll see if funding materializes, but if he handles it with the aplomb of The Orphanage and Pan's Labyrinth with a liberal sprinkling of Hellboy, we're likely to be in for a real treat.  The first Lovecraftian treat on film (other than the Lovecraft-in-name-only Reanimator.)

Poor H.P. suffers nearly as badly as E.A. Poe and Stephen King in the transition to the silver screen.  Consider such gems as Die, Monster Die!, The Shuttered Room, The Dunwich HorrorDagon was all right, but not much related to the story.  And probably the best Lovecraftian film, In the Mouth of Madness has precious little to do with anything H. P. penned.


  1. Edmund Wilson again. The man is a monument to narrow-minded intolerance of anything that promises to go beyond the most mundane limits his small mind has set up--"This far and no farther shall you go. I have spoken. I, Edmund Wilson"

  2. Steven,

    I hope the film does materialize. I'm looking forward to seeing it, with of course the usual fears that arise when a film is made of a favorite work.

  3. Dear Fred,

    On both, I couldn't agree more. Although I will say that in Wilson's favor, sometimes his frothing is really quite amusing. And of course, as with a stopped clock, there are times when he is right on the money.




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