This Is Not a Game--Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams gives us a fascinating look into the world of online role playing games and gamers.  We start with our protagonist Dagmar flying into Jakarta on her way out of India and back to the U.S..  Just as she does so a currency collapse in Indonesia sends Jakarta into chaos and she finds herself trapped in the city and virtually trapped in her hotel room.  But, she's still connected.  Using those connections and getting the help of literally hundreds, if not thousands of fans, she bests the mercenaries hired by her employer to spring her from Jakarta.

Back in the states one of her best friends from college is murdered and his death caught on film by one of the gamers.  And so it goes.

Williams effectively explores the world in which all of the ingenuity and person power that goes into online games is exploited toward good ends--uncovering a murderer and undoing some of the damage cause in a world-wide currency crisis.

The book moves--fast.  The characters lively and engaging and the story compelling.  The predictive edge is nice, reasonable, and feasible.  All-in-all a nice, effective, near future thriller that will keep you reading. 



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