On Sam Harris's Dubious Proposition

Frank looks at the Scientific Basis for Morality

Sam Harris rails at and moans and groans about his critics  (Please Mr. Harris--get to the point without all of the self-aggrandizement and hurt justification).  More tedious and tenditious ad hominem, though undoubtedly, the man has endured a great deal himself.  What I find most interesting in all such debates is the number of people who refuse to address the idea suggested and instead take on the person and his character.  Regardless of what I may ultimately think of Mr. Harris's notion (I've already stated that I find it profoundly wrong-headed, and having read the book, find it no less so--the course of the tedious reasoning missing certain critical points in the whole question of whether Science can form a foundation for morality.)

And finally--a Response to the Response

And for those who wonder why I place this under faith and reason:  it is clear to me that Mr. Harris has a more profound faith in science than many practitioners do in their own religion.  A profoundly misplaced faith--but one that nevertheless takes on all the attributes of a disconcerting extremism/


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