A Comment on Multiculturalism

A rather rabid, but highly interesting comment on multiculturalism

Odd, I thought both Hallal and Kosher laws were, in fact, less cruel than normal slaughtering methods.  But I know nothing about the matter so I cannot say.

Note: I apologize--I am sometimes like a bull-dog when it comes to these issues, and so I post the following:

Kosher and Hallal

And I apologize in advance to any I may have offended by linking the two.  However, this, coming from an agricultural university seems to suggest that both Kosher and Hallal represent the most profound respect for and awareness of the animal to be slaughtered.  I am not an expert, but I wouldn't want to leave the field without presenting both sides.  I had always been taught that the Kosher laws were, in fact, laws to elevate humanity above the animals and to teach respect for the living things that themselves give life.  Not respect to the point of idolization, but respect to the point of reducing cruelty during an inherently brutal process.


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