Anne Rice--Post Christian

Probably too much ink has been spent writing about Ms. Rice's relgious convictions and opinions. Nevertheless, I like this piece greatly--it echoes some of my own thoughts and it portrays a phenomenon too common in Christianity.

From "Nice Anne Rice"

So Anne now 'follows Christ', but what Christ? It will be the loving, sympathetic teacher, gentle Jesus who is, well, somewhat effeminate really. Anne was a flower child in college, so her Jesus will be the kind of hippie Jesus we're all familiar with from that generation--a long haired, groovy kind of beach bum who meditates on mountaintops, mixes with down and outs and delivers a real cool anti establishment, John Lennon kind of sermon. Then when Anne or her son is 'persecuted' by the hard hearted, hypocritical religious leaders she'll understand how Jesus was persecuted too.

That's a real nice Jesus, and that kind of Jesus isn't unknown to the gospels, but remembering that heretics don't preach lies, they preach half truths, we have to say that the hippie, flower child 'give peace a chance' Jesus is only part of the story.

This is the Jesus and the God that Nietzsche gladly declared "dead."  I'm more along the lines of Soren Kierkegaard's Jesus,  (and I paraphrase here), "The one who is comfortable with Christ does not know Him."


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