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An article by Jonah Lehrer whose work I respect, but whose conclusions here I suspect. It seems to make a proposal that the very small proportion of people who ever did approach a difficult text is likely to dwindle because of the adversarial stance of the medium.  I don't know.  I'm reading Ulysses on my iPad and having a grand old time because every time I find something that's a little strange, a little out-of-reach, I have the option to turn over to my browser and look it up if I'm so inclined.  I'm able to annotate, save my notes, highlight, and comment to my heart's content, not being nonplussed by the paucity of margin.  I have to remind myself to add the year to the date so that subsequent layers of notes are easily parseable. I don't think those of us who were inclined to approach difficult texts to start with are likely to be any less inclined due to medium.  Although, I could easily be wrong on this.


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