Proposed: Any Person Regardless of Citizenship shall be allowed to vote. . .

"Arizona proof of citizenship law overturned. . ."

In a way, I understand this--laws of this sort can become the new Jim Crow laws of the land.  On the other hand, evidence of citizenship, depending upon what is required does not seem to be an undue burden to place on those who are to exercise the privileges of the land.  While I don't mind feeding children and educating them and even caring for those adults who do not reside in the land in full legality, I balk at allowing anyone, upon pain of perjury, to attest to citizenship and vote.  Who is going to track down those who have perjured?  How do we assure that the citizens who live, love, and support the land in which they live have the singular right and privilege of determining the direction in which the country goes?


  1. Steven,

    I live in Arizona, and this is just typical Republican xenophobia at work. No study conducted by anybody has ever demonstrated any problem with voting by illegal immigrants. The last thing that illegal immigrants want to do is get involved with a government function of any sort.

    It just isn't happening.

    This is a non-issue aimed at those of a different color, culture, and religion. Illegal immigrants, in spite of Republican claims, are not causing a wave of violence in our state. In fact, crime statistics over the past five years shows that the crime rate has gone down.

  2. Dear Fred,

    Certainly, we know that a great many have no problem making mountains out of molehills. But then, I don't think it particularly draconian to require proof of citizenship to exercise the franchise.

    But I haven't seen the law, and it is entirely possible that the proof being requested is Draconian. As I noted, laws of this sort are perfectly tailored for disenfranchising those you don't really want around. Your point is taken.




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