Another by Alexander McCall Smith

Ah, Dostoevskian in his output, A Conspiracy of Friends, one of the second set of serial novels by the redoubtable author of the Number One Ladies Detective Agency series.


  1. Why the reference to Dostoyevski?

    Or was that merely a teaser?

  2. Dear Fred,

    Other than Joyce Carol Oates (and in the recent past Isaac Asimov) Alexander McCall Smith is one of the most prolific authors writing. He's relatively recent author who is producing a tremendous amount of material all the time--several books a year. That's the reference to Dostoevsky--sheer output. So much so that Dostoevsky is suspected of having temporal lobe epilepsy, which manifests in quite a different way than what we are used to for epilepsy.



  3. Steven,

    OK. I was wondering. I have read some of Smith's works, and he never struck me as being especially Dostoyevskian in his writings.


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