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I don't have an iPhone, and I sha'n't have one until the company decides to turn over all Blackberry service to iPhones (perhaps not far in the future as most execs are now thumbing away at their iPhones) however, if I did have an iPhone--City Poems would be a required app.  I think of myself as a literary tourist.  Wherever I am sent, I seek out the historical, the unusual, and the literary.  On a trip across the bleak corn-strewn midwest through the country from Columbus, Ohio to Macomb Illinois--so flat that, as Bill Bryson stated in Lost Continent, standing on a telephone book gives you a view--I passed by (and visited) Dickson Mounds state memorial AND Garnett, Illinois, birthplace and chief setting of The Spoon River Anthology.  Similarly, while living in Ohio, I took a trip up to Amish/Mennonite country and seeing it on the map, the allure of Winesburg, Ohio was not to be resisted.  I come to Boston and walk the Freedom trail, so, there near the gravesite of John Winthrop, I see the grave of the woman who inspired the character of Hester Prynne.  I visit the Parker House, where the New England Transcendentalists, led by Bronson Alcott met.  Later, I am invited for a trip out to Walden pond and see as well Emerson's House, Hawthorne's House, and Bronson Alcott's House.  In Key West I walk by not only Hemingway's house--the more famous literary monument, but also the winter stomping ground of Robert Frost.  You've all been regaled and appalled by my peregrinations through Dublin and vicinity--not merely to look upon the sites of Ulysses fame but also to see the birthplace and childhood home of Oscar Wilde (two different places), the Dublin Residences of AE and William Butler Yeats, and the canal-gazing statue of Patrick Kavanaugh. . . and so on.  I am an inveterate literary tourist so a guide through London by its poems--what could possibly be better?


  1. Something about the second half of this entry makes me think of Walt Whitman...

  2. Brandon,

    Thank you so much. I don't know what it might be, but it's a highly complimentary thing to say.


  3. Steven, be assured that it was intended as a compliment.


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