Contra iPad

I must say that this screed contra the iPad largely records my own (admittedly prejudicial) misgivings; and therefore, I'm giving it time here on my blog.


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  2. This is interesting to me, though I am not an ereader, because my son just bought an ipod touch with his birthday/chore money - not enough for the ipad (bad name a turnoff), but enough left over to get a few apps and downloads. I have yet to use an ereader, not being enough of a airline/subway traveler to get my money's worth out of one, in addition to being too cheap: will libraries eventually "loan" ebooks? - but find that on days like today, when I log 82 miles in the car while kidtaxiing, that I love having audio books around, and the ipod is perfect for those, especially with so many free options from sites like librivox. But audiobooks are hard to revisit, and I've no idea how you interact with ebooks - can you mark pages that you want to remember? (I like to fold corners and checkmark passages in paper books)

    Also interesting - the link to the Yann Martel interview at the bottom of the page. Only I wish he pronounced "Beatrice" like one of my college professors, Italian style: "Bay-a-tree-chay." Sounds prettier.

  3. Dear Emily,

    Yes, you can bookmark e-books. And, by the way, I can borrow e-books from my library for a span of three weeks. Not for Kindle and other appliances, but date sensitive PDFs nonetheless. The era is upon us whether or not we're ready for it.




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