Coming Soon: Reviews of Four Books and Notes on a Fifth

Maybe write after I type this out!  Reviews of:

Yann Martel Beatrice and Virgil
Suzanne Collins Catching Fire
Victoria Patterson Drift
Hallowe'en: New Poems ed. Al Sarrantino

And notes on two books I'm presently reading:

Marietta McCarty's How Philosophy Can Save Your Life
Mary Oliver Rules for the Dance


  1. Mary Oliver is a sage guide, as well as a luminous "contemplative" poet -- I think you'll enjoy Rules for the Dance!

    The list of books reminds me. I was in the third grade, I think, when I wrote "Hallowe'en" on a paper and the teacher told me sternly that I had misspelled the word with the insertion of that apostrophe! Teachers can be wrong sometimes.

  2. Dear Dylan,

    I have done so so far. While I'm not sure I agree with many of the points (that metrical poetry belongs to a space in time past, for example) I find her discussions interesting and good for those who are looking to talk about poetry intelligibly.




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