"There Has to Be a Penalty for Stealing Our Services"

Homeless mom jailed on grand theft charges for enrolling her son in Kindergarten

I'm appalled that we can even think this way.  I pay taxes to support the schools even though I homeschool.  I would gladly give the "voucher" to someone who needs a place for their child.  There are millions of childless people who pay into the system and who get nothing from it other than the proper education (by some lights) of all of our children.  How is enrolling your child in a school stealing anything at all? 

Perhaps if this enrollment actually prevented the enrollment of another child, I could see the point.  And yes, there will be a problem if everyone starts doing this.  No question.  So, why not bring the underperforming schools up to par?  (Easier said than done, but better than relegating countless children to them.)


  1. Steven,

    There is a meanness here, selfishness I can't believe. Twenty years in prison?

  2. Dear Fred,

    You said it. The name that comes to mind is Jean Valjean. 20 years in prison because you enrolled your child in school hoping for a better life. The fact that she was smart enough to recognize the importance of getting her child a quality education qualifies her for a medal in today's society.




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