Jack: Secret Circles--F. Paul Wilson

I have always liked F. Paul Wilson's work--ever since The Keep I have paid attention on and off, and as I read more, I realize that I should probably have been paying more attention.  Now I have a lot of catch-up to do.  Which is a good place to be.

Jack: Secret Circles is the second in a trilogy of Repairman Jack books intended for the YA market.  In this work Jack learns a life lesson about how repairs don't always take right and what is being repaired may indeed need to be replaced.  The story of the relic found in the previous book continues and we learn something more about the mysterious Lodge that seems to figure large in the tale.

Wilson promises that these three novels will have a prominent role in the last Repairman Jack novels, whenever they may be produced.

During the weekend also took in a large portion of Soft, the first of the short story collections.  Particularly wanted to read "Dat Tay Vao" as it has importance for The Touch.  But was reacquainted with one of my all-time favorites "Buckets."

In short, if you enjoy the dark fantasy/horror genre at all, F. Paul Wilson might be another worthy addition to your bookshelves.


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