Rilke and God

The unfortunate closing of Borders across the country has led to momentary benefit for me in straightened  circumstances.  Wandering in, I came across a book of poetry I didn't even know I wanted at a much reduced price.  The example will clearly indicate why this was a good thing.

from Rilke's Book of Hours 
from "The Book of a Monastic Life"
Rainer Maria Rilke
tr. Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy  

Because someone once dared
to want you,
I know that we, too, may want you.

When gold is in the mountain
and we've ravaged the depths
until we've given up digging,

it will be brought forth into day
by the river that mines
the silences of stone.

Even when we don't desire it,
God is ripening.


Gorgeous in its expression of the mystical desire for God and in the subtle understanding of God's preparation of the individual for same.


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