Reviewing the Scandanavians

Or one Scandanavian--Per Peterson's Out Stealing Horses

It is a book that has intrigued me, but after this ambivalent review, I've moved it a bit further down in the stack.  And any movement downward is fatal because so much piles on top of it.  Rumor has it that when I move my reading stack the isostatic rebound is likely to send shockwaves as far north as my former home in Ohio.  I'll be sure to give you all sufficient notice to brace your own shelves.


  1. Hi Steven, thank you for the friendly nod! I check your blog first thing every morning and appreciate your work. Thank you, and thank you. Best, Kevin

  2. Oh, I meant to add that it really is a very interesting book, even though I scratched my head throughout. I encouarge you to read it!

  3. Dear Kevin,

    Thanks for the additional information, perhaps I don't need to move it down after all. The tectonic plates and the citizens of Westerville thank you as they breathe a collective sigh of relief.




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