My Nemesis and Bête Noir

Nemesis (Philip Roth) mentioned, Saul Bellow considered

I will patiently await Mr. Myers commentary on same (Nemesis).  I have struggled mightily with Mr. Roth's fiction finding aspects of much of it as repulsive as literature gets--kind of the Henry Miller of the modern age.  I don't know what Roth is trying to tell me in his fiction about the world, about sex, about men, or about aging.  And yet, I keep going back for the prose and with the hope that someday a light will come on and I'll have some sense of what Mr. Roth is about in his work. 

The only commentary I can make is that I enjoy the prose a good deal more than that of the late Mr. Updike, and he does have one magnificent novel hardly tainted by his usual obsessions--The Plot Against America.  There may be others like this in his opus, I am too poorly read in the matter to comment.


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