A Lovely and Compassionate Tribute

The writer at "Why I Am a Catholic" puts together a lovely and compassionate tribute to Tyler Clementi.

(via North Face).

an excerpt worth remembering:

When God commands us: "Thou Shalt Not Kill," He isn't just talking about the taking of a human life through murder. We humans are capable every day of inflicting another kind of death : the death of a person's soul through creating scandal and by holding others up to ridicule. Idle talk and vicious actions can kill a person's spirit. The alleged perpetrators did not push this young man off the bridge. Whoever violated Tyler's privacy in his dorm room, whoever stood by watching and laughing, stole his dignity and his personhood.

Truly, truly a sad thing--so sad that there really are no words to express it well.  I only hope that my own son, faced with anything like this ugliness would know that he would always have a place to come to where he is loved for who he is.  I will have been a success as a father if this is the only thing son gets from me.


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