Another View of Vargas Llosa

Nobel Prize Winner--Mario Vargas Llosa

I do tire of hearing this award called "safe" and "uncontroversial" as though these qualities make for some good award.  I suppose it isn't intended, but it seems almost a cheapening of the honor--if it is safe, it is safe because the work is superb.  Period.  But then, this is the problem with reading-into rather than accepting face value--I get annoyed, and the authors of the pieces had no intention of taking away any of the well deserved honor.

;And I can say that I've enjoyed more Vargas Llosa than I have Herta M├╝ller, try as I might.


  1. Personally I believe Mario Vargas Llosa is an excellent choice. I've read nearly everything he's written, and it has been consistently wonderful. I always thought he was a better writer than Garcia Marquez.


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