Thucydides Online

Via Underbelly, we are linked to Thomas Hobbes's translation of Thucydides

I have read only the excerpt posted, but my knowledge of Hobbesian viscosity leads me to shudder at the thought of an entire Thucydides.  But, this is perhaps one of those occasions I mention below, when I would benefit from the challenge of taking on a "Tome." 


  1. Thanks for the link. I was planning on reading this in the fall using The Landmark Thucydides, but also wanted an alternate translation. This fits the bill perfectly.

  2. Dear Dwight,

    Glad to be of service, but all thanks and credit goes to our friend at Underbelly who found it and alerted us all to it. I just feel like good news needs to be shared.

    (Thank you for your note.)



  3. And thanks to you both. I have spent a fair amount of time with the Landmark and I've found it a rather strange beast. The translation is the old Richard Crawley: the essence of Victoriaan but perfectly doable (also out of copyright, except I bet Free Press is claiming a new copyright now). if all you need is the text, you can find it here: [classics_mit_edu]

    Beyond the text, what it's famous for is that superabundance of maps. I did a workup on it a few years back preparatory to a trip to Sicily. I found the sheer plenitude of maps almost overwhelming and in the end, perhaps more distracting than helpful.


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