A Festival for The Man in the High Castle

One of the oddest minds in SF Philip K. Dick gets his own festival.


  1. I think it's perfectly appropriate that a festival celebrating PKD is held in a place that has banned bicycles from most of its streets, or so one commented claimed.

  2. Dear Fred,

    I'll go so far to say that I don't think there is an inappropriate place for such a festival. It's been long in the making and certainly as deserved as other festivals one hears about. (I'm think John Updike in this particular case.)

    I'd just be a little leery of what such a festival might summon together. (The leery there is, as you might have guessed, a pun.)



  3. Steven,

    Might give new meaning to that old John Denver song?

  4. Dear Fred,

    It hadn't occurred to me, but yes indeed, a completely refurbished meaning.



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