Second-to-Last Post for January--Miscatologuing

Today went to the library and finally found Orhan Pamuk's Istambul.  It could be justified to place it in biography; however, it was filed in biography under the name of the person who translated the book from Turkish.

A miscatalogued book is potentially a lost book.  It certainly is of no use to those of us who would check for historical books about Turkey and even less to those looking for a biography of Pamuk under P rather than K (I think--Kelly or Kellogg) for the translator.  I'll bring this to the attention of the circulation department, but I rather doubt anything will be done about it.  I recognize the monumental amount of work that goes into correcting this kind of error and given that I'm one of three people in my area likely to want to read it--there is certainly no reason to go through the effort.


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