For Those Intrigued, but not yet Seduced by Bolano's Work

Frankly, I'm not yet a partisan.  I read the hubbub and the furor and I examine the work, and the two don't seem commensurate--but then it often takes time for a writer to grow on me.  Perhaps this book, which I have overlooked for a year or so might do it: Nazi Literature in the Americas.


  1. I read the review, and he does sound interesting. The public library has a number of his works, so I may dip into one of them one of these days.

  2. After all the worshipful reviews, I attempted to read "The Savage Detectives", got to page 143 before I gave up in frustration due to its repetitiveness. Then I read "Nazi Literature in the Americas" which is a fake compendium of Nazi authors in the Americas which I liked but still was not too excited about. I still haven't given up on him, will try another short novel by him later.


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