On Chesil Beach When?

This article exactly pinpoints my discomfort and disbelief at most of On Chesil Beach. Eactly WHEN was this supposed to have occurred--I started with an assumption of Edwardian times and ended up finding out 1962, gave me a kind of chrononeuralgia or chronodyspepsia.


  1. Sometimes I think that McEwan thinks all women discovered the idea of sex suddenly about 1940. His themes of women's sexual awareness ARE better suited for Edwardian times.

  2. Dear Connie,

    I blush to admit that I haven't read enough McEwan to even be able to agree. My introduction was _On Chesil Beach_ and I've been disinclined to pursue any others I've picked up to their conclusion. I'm sure they are fine works, but I just haven't discovered the access point yet.




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