Reading in Academic Libraries

So Many Books links to a study of recreational reading in Academic Libraries

I know that when I used to attend Ohio State University, I would spend hours upon hours in the main library building wandering through the shelves of fiction, philosophy, and religion (my degree is in Paleontology).  I discovered the lesser known works of Gaston Leroux, and countless other wonder major and minor as a result of having access to the wonders of this amazing library.


  1. It's crazy I haven't been there least not beyond the first floor for the Friends of the Library sale.

  2. Dear TSO,

    I loved that library. It offered many hours away from what I should legitimately have been doing, but it enriched my scientific work because it provided worthwhile respite. It had a wonderful collection of fiction and even some incunabula and remarkable rare book pieces that I ventured in to read.




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