Unsolicited Advice

I eschew much in the way of politics and political labeling, but I found this unsolicited advice to a young conservative salutary.   It could be turned inside out and beome unsolicited advice to a young liberal as well.  We need to temper our debates with understanding and with much more listening and getting at the heart of the issue than our present climate of rant allows for.  There is vitriol enough on all sides.  It really is time to tone it down and conduct ourselves like the civilized people we like to think we are.  A good starting place is--when it comes to ideas/policies/plan, go for the jugular--marshal all your arguments and trot them out as required.  When it comes to people, have a cup of tea, a beer, a soda, a milkshake--go to a movie.  In short, respect the person, attack the incorrect notion.  We'd all be better off with a little more of this approach. Of course, I realize, that such an approach does not make for headlines.  Alas! I guess we'll just have to stay out of the limelight and make our world workable from our own small station.


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