A Great and Beautiful Film

Where the Green Ants Dream

Like Fred, I was attracted to the film for its title.  I saw it some time ago.  And I must say that the only thing that stuck with me were several lovely, preternaturally lovely, images of green ants that occur throughout.  I may need to revisit, but I'll probably live with those images--rightly remembered or no, as my legacy from it.


  1. Steven,

    What stays with me are the faces of the Aborigines. Herzog has the camera linger on them much longer than on the white faces. It's almost as though they are a force of nature and not ephemeral beings such as we "civilized people" are. They are rooted solidly while we are transients, if that makes any sense.

  2. Dear Fred,

    As I noted, it has been a long time since last I saw this--so I'll want to see it again and note what you're saying here. It continues a kind of "noble savage" thread that Herzog has in several films, so it wouldn't at all surprise me.



  3. Steven,

    Interesting. I wasn't thinking of "noble" when I saw the film--just the sense of their presence.

    Just wanted to thank you for helping me finish the post. I felt that I hadn't said everything I wanted to say about the film, and I kept going back and reading it. It wasn't until you commented on the images you remembered that I realized what it was I wanted to include. So, I went back and added a postscript to the commentary, part of which is what I wrote in my first comment here.


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