The Progressive "Climate of Hate"

The Progressive "Climate of Hate"

via Maverick Philosopher

Warning--fairly graphic stuff.

I post this as an example of how not to engage in debates on the matter.  Indeed, silence is the best response--a ringing, resounding silence, to let the leaden words fall to the wooden planks and thud their way into well deserved oblivion.  Anyone, on either side, regardless of political viewpoint, who chooses to indulge in this a form of "fact-finding"  merely fans the flames of a largely idiotic debate.  Are our metaphors over-the-top sometimes?  Undoubtedly.  Do we ever expect someone to actually act upon them?  Most of us do not.  I know that I have had occasion to sympathize with the Bard and say, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."  Would I do so?  No.  Would I cheer if someone started to do so?  No.  Do I mean for someone to actually act on the command? No.  Then why do I say it?  To let off steam, as all of us tend to do.

So, let the debate die.  Finish it.  Are we all inclined to speech that is over the top when we are stressed, anxious, or excited--without doubt.  Let it end.


  1. Steven,

    Agreed. There is a time to speak and a time for silence. Now is the time for silence on this issue. Both sides are guilty, and now it's time for both to move on.


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