More on Huck Fi (n-less)

More on the bowdlerization of an American Classic

As I once said to someone who advocated the ability to alter at will works of cinema to suit his own purgative purposes--I don't really have any problem with what is produces so long as it is stamped in big red letters--THIS IS NOT THE ORIGINAL WORK OF THE AUTHOR NOR DOES IT IN ANY WAY EXPRESS HIS (HER) INTENT. DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU WISH TO KNOW WHAT THIS AUTHOR WROTE.

If it makes one feel warm and cozy inside to do with a work whatever magical purgation is required, no one is obligated to read the redaction.  No one is required to imbibe Finn from the polluted pool.  And if it should happen to be assigned in a high school, then I'll start my complaints and moaning.  The existence of the alternative version is, at worst, a nuisance and a disservice to the work of literature--it isn't the end of that work.

That said--I can still say with perfect poise--it shouldn't have been done to start with.  But, what's done is done.  Or to quote the good lady, "It 'twere done, when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly." And hopefully quickly vanish from public sight.


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