The iPad and Business Travel

The iPad and Business Travel--I'm not quite there yet; and being a very heavy user I would have to have the charger with me.  But I discovered on my last trip to Dublin I could have left the monster machine behind, almost.  I've got to pick up a couple of apps for spreadsheet and wordprocessing work--but the iPad has become (almost) my machine of choice.  The lack of viability for Flash, however, is a serious downside to much of what I want to do--so many of the Android machines seem to have appeal.  Hope Apple backs off of a stand that really isn't viable.  Did they really think the internet was going to bow to their odd decree?  I suppose only dwindling market share will reveal the problem.

Saw an advertisement for the iPad in which it noted you could multitask.  Unless the new OS adds this, I would say that the claim is, at best, an exaggeration.  Still, with the right apps, it is sufficient for most business needs, and I want to move it into my business solution of choice--particularly for the long trek through Dublin International!


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