Huckleberry Reshuffled

Huckleberry Finn made palatable for modern consumers.

While I'm not a fan of the terms used by both Twain and O'Connor in many of their works, and certainly not keen on the animosity that sits behind much of it used in the modern context, I do not think you preserve the message or the meaning by modifying the words to make them more acceptable.  I do understand the impetus behind this.  I've thought long and hard about whether to expose my son to either of these writers on these grounds alone.  There is an ugliness to this that requires a maturity to filter out and a maturity not to be hurt by.  This kind of censorship from the left is as deplorable (if perhaps, well-intended) as censorship from the right.  The work should remain in tact and I, as parent, should be an active participant in the mediation of the message and of the work, should it come to that.

Another report of the same.  (via Biblioklept)


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