Elijah Wood as Frodo in The Hobbit?

Anyone else find this a bit problematic?  

Uh, well, um, what's Frodo doing in The Hobbit, for one thing?  Hope it's just misreporting.


  1. Steven,

    Doing it the way the author did it, doesn't really feed the ego, so the director has to "improve" it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Frodo and some of the others do show up in _The Hobbit_. And, no doubt, LOTR will be rereleased for the theaters at the same time.

  2. Dear Fred,

    Maybe Bilbo is narrating this to Frodo--otherwise chronology doesn't make any sense (if I recall correctly). Frodo hasn't even been born yet--isn't that right?

    Anyway, I'm puzzled.



  3. Steven,

    The sequence is, as I remember it, as follows:

    Bilbo's adventures in _The Hobbit_.

    Bilbo returns and some time afterwards adopts Frodo.

    _The Lord of the Rings_.

    So, at some point between Bilbo's adoption of Frodo and Bilbo's going-away party when Frodo gets the Ring, Bilbo could have told a younger Frodo the story.

    I always think of the initial setting for_The Hobbit_ as being the following scene: a kindly uncle is seated in a comfortable chair, surrounded by several nieces and nephews sitting on the floor while he tells them a story.

    So, there is some justification for dragging Frodo in, although my suspicion is that it's more marketing than thematic in this case.


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