Constitution: Divinely Inspired?

Divinely inspired constitution

via North Face

I note this excerpt and must discover if it is true.  If so, as one mathematically inclined, it appeals to me as it reminds me of the geometry proofs and transformations that permitted one to make that particular transformation or step on the basis of the axiom, postulate, or previously proven theorem.  How elegant. To build laws that are specifically allowed by the constitution.  However, as with many of these kinds of things, I suspect the purpose is more obfuscatory and unnecessarily inhibitory than elegance.

Today, on the second day of the 112th Congress, the Constitution will be read on the floor in its entirety. In addition, the new Republican leadership in the House will be instituting a new rule requiring that each new piece of legislation cite the provision which grants Congress the authority to enact such a law.

Let me just reiterate--when it comes to politics I'm exceedingly dubious of any stated objective. If it were that straightforward, it simply wouldn't be politics, would it?


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