"The Atheist's Narrow Worldview"

An agnostic tells us what's good about religion.

While I can't find much to agree with in his evaluation of Dawkins and clan or any of the ultra-rationalists in approaching religion, there are some helpful observations:

There is much good "med­i­cine" in Bud­dhism (just as there is much good in oth­er re­li­gions), but if the Asian Com­mu­nists found you prac­tic­ing it in the 1970s, you were as good as dead. And that form of mil­i­tant athe­ism should ring a cau­tion­ary note: Re­li­gion is not the only ide­ol­o­gy with blood on its hands.

Reason is important, critical, paramount even in making decisions about what it is we do--it is not to be neglected.  But it is not the only way we learn, nor is it the only way we know, nor is it the last and best guide as to what action is compassionate, humane, meaningful, and above all right.  Reason, pure reason, can get it wrong--often and badly, when it comes to how to make a decision.  It has done so in the past (the French Revolution supplies a myriad of examples) and continues to do so today.  Reason, untempered by humility, experience, humanity, and love is among the worst of tyrants.  (And I sure don't see any signs of humility amongst the New Atheism--but then, people who live in glass houses. . . )


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