The 100 Top-Selling books of All Time

The 100 Top-Selling Books of Last Year and of All Time--you mine the data!

I'm a bit surprised and nonplussed by the absence of The Bible on the list (especially if we're really talking "All Time."  But what is more, I don't know if I'm tempted to despair or delight over the list.  When I look at the overall quality of the work, despair is certainly in the lead. But when I think that there are those out there who have a book, perhaps only one, regardless of its quality, then I'm moved toward delight.  Not delight in the work, but delight in the thought that books are still read.  Better if they were better books, but for now, I'll settle.


  1. Steven,

    The headline is misleading. The period is actually from 1998 to the present, not really for "all time."


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