Au Rebours--A Fatwa Against Terrorism

For the symboliste/decadent inclined--for the rest of us--against the grain.  Sheik Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri issues a 600 page fatwa condemning terrorist violence.  Let us hope that his thoughtful inquiry into the subject marks a turning point in the conversation amongst different parts of the world of Islam.  Even if not, it is refreshing to hear such a voice speak up.  via Underbelly.

Another view of same. 

Fascinating excerpt from article referenced above:

Although numerous fatwas condemning terrorism have been released by scholars around the world since 9/11, Dr Qadri's 600-page ruling is both significant and unusual because it is one of the few available in English and online. Those hoping to combat terrorism have long spoken of their frustration at the traditional Islamic hierarchy's inability to exert their influence on the internet, where violent jihadists and Saudi-influenced Wahabis have long reigned supreme.

Dr Qadri's ruling also goes further than most previous edicts by describing terror acts as so morally unjustifiable that they represent acts of "kufr" (disbelief). Most previous rulings only go as far as calling terrorism "haram" (forbidden). Kufr acts are so serious that those committing them essentially forfeit their right to call themselves Muslims.


  1. How long before a price is put on his head?

  2. Dear Fred,

    I shouldn't think it would be long. But I know I hope and pray otherwise. I would like to be proven wrong.



  3. That's makes two of us, and perhaps many more in the Moslem community.


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