Hurrah Another lovely poem

Another poem from Quid Plura?

I love alliteration and use it excessively.  It's the sound of the words and their rhythm that makes poetry an art. 


  1. I share your weakness for wordplay, especially the artful application of assonance and alliteration. Thus, I somewhat savored your special offering in today's posted poem. Still, though, to be more serious and less playful, when I want to enjoy the work of a master, I turn to Gerard Manley Hopkins, a brilliant poet with an unmatched ability to get the most impact (most subtly) out of exquisite diction and rhythm.

  2. Dear R.T.,

    As much as I do like Hopkins, when I want alliteration I like it to be blatant and in my face--I go back to Anglo-Saxon poetry and to the Middle English Alliterative Morte D'Arthur. Subtlety is not my forte. :-D




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