To Starbucks

I truly love
your energy efficient
high green grass-covered
hut with fake fireplace
and long bench with chairs
heavy as thrones for
overlooking the lake
some people made to build
things on while watching
the tethered balloon reel
in and out like some giant
fishing rod pulling people
out of the cerulean
dyed blue.

Even more I love
the people who try
to please with smooth
and carefully trained
efficiency who have
to deal with idiots like
me who refuse to conform
to your tone-y café
lingo and who instead
ask for the biggest
or the next size down
or the smallest.

But truth to tell
I'd rather go to
Panera, McDonald's
Dunkin Donuts,
the local sinkhole
or frogpond
to find something
to drink

Despite your colorful
and sometimes
insipidly controversial cups.


  1. This poem is doppio bellissimo! Mille grazie (and those grazie are grandi!).

  2. Thank you. Upon rereading, I see an ambiguous and amusing blob I'll likely need to rework. Although I'm amused enough by the ambiguity that I may just leave it.

  3. Love this. Also, reminds me of a conversation yesterday with Eric Rollence, former multimedia designer at H. He reports in his small town of Davenport, FL, the opening of a Dunkin Donuts. He was very pleased.

  4. He is right to be. Davenport can use all the action it can get. I've been there. Lol.


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