Hounded--Kevin Hearne

Meet Atticus O'Sullivan, the last druid--no, real druid.  The pull-power from the earth and work magical things kind of druid.  Atticus lives in the town of Tempe Arizona--a place he has chosen because there is no easy way for member of the Fae to find him.  And that is just fine with Atticus because his relations with the Fae are, shall we say, tenuous.

Atticus runs a new-age book shop and herb/tea story in town.  He has fixed the place up with all the latest accessories in cold iron (to keep away the unwanted fae and most other magical charms).  But Atticus has a pretty huge problem.  Despite his close relationship with The Morrigan (Choser of the Dead in Battle) he has managed to earn the emnity of a few of the powerful members of the Tuatha de Danaan--the Celtic Pantheon.  Chief among these are Aengus Og, the Celtic God of Love.  (Once you meet him, you'll have no doubt about why the Irish have always gotten along as well as they have.)

Obviously, from the details given above, we are talking light reading here.  The book clips along at a nice place--the initial premise is fascinating and plays out very well in the overall story.  I'd love to share a couple of really interesting moments of mixed pantheon--but that would give too much away--and this is a story of twists and turns, the less you know overall going in, the more you'll enjoy it as the surprises and interesting moments unveil themselves.

I found it so interesting, I have already picked up and gotten through the second in the series Hexed, about which more soon.

For light-minded, light-hearted beach readsl--a prince among books--****


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