"The Troubles"

I bring attention to today's day in History because of my recent experiences in Dublin.

I note this because in my recent trips to Dublin there had been a good deal of rumbling to the north.  Several people expressed to me the concern that "the Troubles"  as they are referred to were returning to Ireland.  There had been at least one incident in Dublin over the summer, and while I was there, pipe-bombs had been found in at least one Belfast school and reported for several others (I never did find out if the reports had been verified).  Troubling economic times brought on by the spectacular failure of the Anglo-Irish Bank is thought to have been a precursor event if not a cause for some of this.  But, lest we repeat, it is good not to forget.  For so small a nation, Ireland has had enough of terrible times and oppression.  Again, we need only look back 150 years to witness one of greatest acts of barbarity and cruelty among western nations in the reactions to the Famine.  Ireland has too long been treated as a colonial nation, and it is high time that it stops--and the first place it must stop is within--as difficult as that may be.  My prayers continue to the peace and security of the Irish people and the Irish nation.


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