Why Books Still Matter

The Lost Art of Reading--Why Books Still Matter

Sometimes, it seems, we go out of our way to try to show that something we enjoy or appreciate still matters, and yet the attempt in itself almost makes itself redundant.  Of course it matters, but we're preaching to the choir, for the only person likely to read a book about why books and reading matter is a person who is already convinced that they do.  Such a manifesto is unlikely to persuade the nonreader, because said person won't pick it up.  So, it is interesting.  But whatever adds dignity, vision, peace, and harmony to human life matters--and certainly reading CAN do that, even if it does not always.


  1. Steven,

    Does that hit home! I find myself now reluctant to take on a long book because I won't be able to finish it in a short time and therefore not be able to put something up on the blog about it.

    But, the blog gives me an opportunity to express some thoughts about it that I wouldn't normally have.

    Who's in charge here?


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