Reflecting on Orwell's Writing Advice

Orwell Watch # 2: Murder in Yeovil


  1. So, he said with his tongue in his cheek, the passive voice ought not be used? What of Orwell's advice that a long word ought not be used when instead a shorter word could be used? Passive, yes. Good advice, certainly.

  2. One of my "first day of class" handouts was Orwell's five rules of writing from that essay. I don't know whether it did any good, but I felt better anyway. At least I had warned them.

  3. Fred, what a great idea. I know what students in my classes will be receiving at the beginning of the next semester!

  4. Dear R/T,

    It would not do to consider the not inconsiderable prolegomenon one would espouse in the utilization of so considerable a source. The vitiation of the not inconsiderable strength of the English Language obviates the utilization and lateralization of lesser guides.

    How's that for violating most of the five?



  5. Well done! You earn an "A" for obfuscation. Be aware, though, Steven, Orwell's spectre is preparing to visit you.

  6. R/T,

    Glad you found it useful.

  7. Steven,

    That sounds like something Nixon's former chief of staff would say--Was his name Haig?


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