Of Parrots and Others

Parrot and Olivier in America reviewed

I'm presently enjoying this book tremendously, and agree with much of what Whispering Gums has to say here.  Even the part about the characters not really being "grabbers."  But, in a picaresque novel, I often find that to be the case, because the interest is more in the travel as filtered through the traveler, and as a result, you don't tend to form the characteristic bonds with the characters.


  1. Thanks for posting this review. I learned a new word, too--picaresque. Although I just started (am only reading the first Parrot section) I am enjoying the action and lively feeling of "Parrot and Olivier" so far. I can't wait until they get to America!

    BTW, do you know how to use the blog comment section here to italicize? Or must one cut and paste comments from another application to get more than the bare bones provided when typing in this box?


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