Odd, Interesting, Intriguing--What Does it Mean?

I found a reference to what sounded like an interesting novel--Looking for the King

and googling the reference, I found this complete online version.

Perhaps this is a mistake, perhaps it is a marketing ploy.  What it certainly is, for the time being, is a way to preview and see if you would find the book worth buying.  It looks like it might be most interesting.


  1. I think it's excellent marketing to offer one free eBook by an author. It's worked on me - I've purchased books by authors I've been introduced to via the library or free eBooks. Why not?

  2. Dear Bibiblio,

    I agree, it's just that I've never seen it done through Google Books, and I haven't seen Ignatius Press this Market savvy. I was wondering if it was something that just got overlooked. But, whatever it may be, it does give everyone an opportunity to sample the entire book.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment




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