My One Question: Is It True?

I would like to be able to believe what is written in newspapers, but I always find myself in a quandary when up against articles such as this one which alleges that Canada has criminalized free speech.

Mind you, I'm not saying that they have not done so, just that I'm not certain that I have all of the facts in the cases here cited out of context.  I would love to know more and to get insights from both sides reflecting on this Canadian phenomenon.

But then there is always the question--if one were able to hear from every person who has any direct connection to all of these cases, would it be sufficient to evaluate the merits of the argument?  Is freedom of speech being abridged?  If so, it is a grievous fault and greivously shall Canada answer for it.  If not, what prompts us to make the conclusion in the first place?

NOTE: I should have noted earlier, this came courtesy of North Face Search


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