The Murse Dilemma

How to carry your iPad/minicomp

Thanks TSO!

Personally, I carry it is in shoulder bag that I originally bought at the Smithsonian or AMNH.  I bought it with the thought that Son might use it, but he had no interest.  But it's a great little rugged green canvas field bag with lots of places for writing implements, bottles of vinegar, chisels, (tools of the geology trade) and an ample compartment of specimen bags, tags, and or/journals, iPad, present reads.  I've used it for some time now and have occasionally given thought to the spectacle I present when I lug this thing into Church (I have the Liturgy of the Hours on the iPad).  But you know what--what other people think about you is none of your business anyway--so I lug away.


  1. Ah! the trials and tribulations of the technologically advanced.

  2. Dear Fred,

    Technology certainly contributed; however, I was having this problem before the iPad because I lug around two or three journals and a handful of books wherever I go. It was a dilemma, take a ludicrously oversized briefcase everywhere to keep up appearances, or say, to hell with appearances, I'm doing what suits me. I opted for the latter.




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