More Bad Sex

What is it like to win the coveted bad sex writing award?

An excerpt:

But let's be frank … this ridiculous award had put my novel in newspapers and websites across the world and although, when the deputy editor of the mag emailed me to ask if I'd enjoyed the party, I replied "as much as a televised visit to a proctologist", I don't think the publicity is going to do me, or the book, any harm either. So although it surprises me to say it, I am very grateful to them.
Let's just not. . . 

The first entry reinforces my commitment not to pillory the work of those I do not enjoy or admire.  Or at least to try not to.  I think I've noted before that my commitment is to try to bring to your attention books I particular enjoy.  Therefore, I review only those that will have a high rating.  At times I post the titles of others and do not review them.  This is my way of saying that while I read the book, I did not find it something I would recommend.  But that is the most I will say in the case of most work--because there are real people behind each of these works--real people who have undertaken an incredible act of courage in publishing a work and putting it out there for all to read.  I want to honor the work and effort it took, even if that work and effort did not result in a book that I enjoyed.  After all, with all of the idiosyncrasies you've seen displayed here, how reliable a bellwether might any recommendation be?  The likes and dislikes of any blogger often have less to do with the merits of the work and more to do with the intimate interaction of reader and text.  All too often, I have read reviews that take a writer to task for not doing what a reader expected--hardly the task of any writer worth her/his salt.


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