The Joys of Electronic Books

Last Night I discovered,  probably late, because I'm always late to the table, the Google Books app for iPad.  Because I'm not one to let a single book opportunity slip by, I immediately appropriated it and was plunged into a phantasmagoria--indeed an orgiastic richness of such proportions the English language lacks terms for it. 

I plugged in and immediately began to search for pre-1923 favorites--books that should be available free.  And one of the first places I went was to an relatively obscure English author of the early part of this century--Robert Hugh Benson.  I've been a fair Benson collector for some time now.  But what I found there surpassed by wildest expectations.  In ten or so minutes of searching I found twelve books that I haven't seen in Gutenberg or any of the known sources for e-books.  In addition, there was a wealth of other material by the family--A.C. Benson, and E. F. Benson, his brothers, and other Benson, related or not.

In addition to that I found William Smith's history of Assyria from earliest records to the fall of Nineveh.  And I know from my brief survey that there are countless other wonders to uncover.

So, if you are electronic-friendly and seeking good reading that may not be readily available, I must recommend to your attention the Google Books App.  It still needs some tweaking because highlighting and annotation do not appear to be enabled at this point.  But the app taps into the Google books treasury of scanned materials. 

Oh what a muchness of muchness!


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