He's with Oprah, and So Am I

"I'm with Oprah on this. . . "

I'm not heavily into the talk-show circuit.  I'm not the world's number one Oprah fan; however, I do deeply admire her commitment to reading and her encouragement to millions of viewers to read.  Yes, I'm sure there are some less-than-sterling books in the reader list.  However, there have also been William Faulkner  (and we should note here that it was no less that four separate works), Anna Karenina, and now Charles Dickens.

What harm is there in making literature fun?  So what if only 1% of the readers ever fully plumbed Faulkner's depths?  That's 1% more than there would have been otherwise.  And more than that, millions picked up and tried a book that they might not have tried on their own.  So to Oprah's book club, I give two thumbs up and a whistle.

(After all, she and I are really in the same business.  I blog about books to encourage my few readers to indulge--I think that may be the impulse of many book-bloggers.)


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