The Completion of a Trinity of Posts Dedicated to Juan de la Cruz

One last post for my favorite saint.  If you'd like to read a very short, complete work (although complete is perhaps not the right word for it), you could do worse than The Sayings of Light and Love which I found online at many places, but thought I would give two quite different sources:

The magnificently named "Drink from the Wadi Cherith"  
The wadi cherith has special significance for the Carmelite Order, for it was at the Wadi Cherith that Elijah (kind of a patron, founder-figure, and inspiration for the Order) was fed by the ravens on his arduous trek at God's command.   See here for my own take on the Wadi Cherith

And the Baha'i Forum

I guess I just want to make a point of his universal appeal--like all the great spiritual writers--Lao-tzu, Kung-fu tzu, Rumi, St. John of the Cross, the authors of the Sutras, etc. what he has to say gets at the core of what matters in the spiritual life and transcends mere denominational and religious "boundaries."  (I'm not a syncretist, but I do find we tend to make much more of our differences than of our similarities.)


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