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You may wonder why I repeat so many links from others here: the main reason is that while I often have time to scan the article or the object, too often I find that I must visit only cursorily.  Placing them here is my reminder to revisit.  So, no disrespect intended to the original posters, only deep gratitude for providing so much wonderful fare.

Analysis of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony--Certainly one that in my mind could do with it, largely because it gets lost in the welter of greatness.  I think many of think of 3, 5, 7, (perhaps 8), and 9 but 6 gets kind of lost.

The incomparable Joan Miro and a poem to accompany

The Lies of Science Writing--the inevitable misdirection of metaphor


  1. Steven,

    Thanks for the link to the BBC site. It looks great.

    I really don't have enough time to do all the reading I want, and now this. . .


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